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New Holland Brewing Company Presents Gezellig Concert Series

concert announcement

New Holland Brewing, craft brewery and distillery based in Holland, MI, reacts to the current global COVID-19 pandemic with a show of support to affected communities. As part of the hugely affected hospitality industry, the team at New Holland Brewing today announced the Gezellig Virtual Concert Series, creating an opportunity for musicians and artists to play to fans and the wider community from the safety of their own homes. Gezellig is a Dutch word that is often used to describe a social and relaxed situation. It can also indicate belonging, time spent with loved ones, catching up with an old friend or just the general togetherness that gives people a warm feeling. It represents the connection that New Holland aims to facilitate in all of their brewpubs, restaurants and community events. 

“Musicians and artists have long been an integral part of New Holland’s efforts to create savored moments for our guests, providing entertainment and enhancing the experience at our pubs,” said Adam Dickerson, New Holland Brand Manager. “The current situation has eliminated restaurants, pubs, and venues as viable sources of income for these people, so in an effort to show these artists support, we have created a 'virtual concert series', giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents on our social platforms and allow our fans to contribute to them financially. We're excited to announce the launch of the Gezellig Concert Series - because we could all use some togetherness and good news.”

Starting Monday March 23rd, 2020 and recurring every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:00pm PST / 5:00pm MST / 6:00pm CST / 7:00pm EST, a musical act will play live on the New Holland Brewing instagram page for 30-40 minutes. Featured musicians will be able to share links to their own financial platforms, such as Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal, and New Holland Brewing encourages viewers to donate a minimum of $5 to the artist as a show of support and source of income in these trying times.

Upcoming local musical acts in the New Holland Brewing Gezellig Virtual Concert Series:

Monday, March 23rd - Michigander
Wednesday, March 25th - The Legal Immigrants
Friday, March 27th - Jess & Jesse

New musical acts for each week will be announced on New Holland Brewing social media platforms and the concert series happy hour events will be live streamed via Instagram:

Instagram - @newhollandbrew
Twitter - @newhollandbrew
Facebook - @newhollandbrew

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