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Walleye Run ventures confidently into uncharted territory. American whiskey, inspired by the Northwoods, crafted in the Great Lakes State.  Walleye Run is made for those who find beauty in the rough edges, and elegance in the untouched — a celebration of memories made in the Northwoods. Each spring, in the heart of the Great Lakes, where bustling forests meet rippling waterways, our native Walleye Run upstream, marking the changing of the season and another year ahead. With each season, lessons are learned, and memories are made as we return to the outdoors to ground us and revel in our midwestern provenance — the cabin, the crackling fire, the fishing boat, the walk through the woods. It is the spirit of the outdoors that recharges and stirs our passions, reminding us of our values and those who patiently showed us the way.


Crafted with the utmost care and respect for tradition, Walleye Run is a testament to the rich heritage of the midwestern outdoors. Each sip reveals a harmony of flavors that only time can nurture. This whiskey invites you to linger in the moment, to escape the grind, to savor the memories on shimmering lakes, in warm cabins, around crackling campfires, or beneath the canopy of age-old forests. Walleye Run — far from ordinary. 




Distilled, aged, and bottled by New Holland Distilling Co, our whiskey presents new flavors, ingredients, and methods to the American whiskey landscape. With a nod to those who have paved the way and an appreciation for hard work and innovation, we take a craftsman’s approach to our ingredients and processes: exploring the limits of what can be created. Malted grain is used to produce rich and soft complexities in each whiskey. Our sweet mash process provides nuance and subtleties from batch to batch. A century-old pot still delivers unrepeatable flavor with extended reflux. A deliberately unhurried approach sets the bar with a minimum age statement of 7 years on all our whiskey.